The FCC’s internationally respected arbitration service provides parties who use our contracts with a fair, timely and economical form of dispute resolution.

All FCC Arbitrations are conducted under English Law in accordance with the procedure set out in the FCC Arbitration & Appeal Rules.  The provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996, and of any amendment or re-enactment to the act apply to every arbitration and appeal.  Contracting Parties have a choice of language (English or French) in which to submit arbitration documentation and have awards written. Unless the choice of arbitration language is clearly indicated in the contract, proceedings will automatically be conducted in the English language.

All disputes are adjudicated by qualified Arbitrators who make up The FCC Arbitration and Appeal Panel.  The panel is reviewed periodically by the Council and training is provided for prospective Arbitrators who are drawn from the Voting and Associate Membership.  Members with the relevant experience can apply to join the FCC Arbitration and Appeal Panel.  The application procedure can be viewed here.

Any party to a dispute is strongly advised to read the relevant Arbitration & Appeal Rules in force on the date of the contract.

►Download a brief Guide to FCC Arbitration.

►Download  a general Guidance to Parties on writing and submitting a Case Statement

►Download a flowchart Guide to FCC Arbitration Time Limits

►Download a flowchart Guide to FCC Appeal Time Limits

►Arbitration and Appeal Fees effective from 01 April 2021.


Arbitration & Appeal Rules – the latest version is available for free to download under the 'Rules' tab. 

All FCC contracts are protected by copyright and we are grateful to you for your help in protecting FCC’s intellectual property. Under no circumstances may any of the FCC Contract Rules be copied, transferred, resold, or placed on a network without the prior consent of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce Ltd.