Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the current and all previous versions of the FCC Rules and Regulations in English and French, which relate to the governance of the Federation, to the international contract rules for cocoa beans and cocoa products and to the arbitration and appeal procedures. These are reviewed regularly and updated when necessary by the Contracts & Regulations Committee and the Arbitration & Appeals Committee the members of which are selected from various sectors of the cocoa trade and industry to advise the Council.
  • Access to Guidance Notes on the Contract Rules for Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Products as well as Guidelines for Shipment and Storage of Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Products. 
  • Members have the opportunity to play an active role in the Federation’s work through our committees and working groups such as the Contracts Committee, the Arbitration & Appeal Committee, the Membership Committee, the Insurance Working Group etc.
  • Voting members have the opportunity to join the Arbitration & Appeal Panel of the FCC which is regularly reviewed by the Council. 
  • Members benefit from lower fees on arbitration and appeal proceedings. 
  • Members benefit from discounted rates on FCC training courses held yearly. The FCC education courses provide an opportunity to transfer knowledge from experienced cocoa market operators to new entrants to the business in order to guarantee the longevity of the cocoa market. 
  •  Members benefit from FCC Workshops specially organised for members of the Federation. 
  • Cocoa news is distributed daily to members highlighting up-to-date commercial and political events in the cocoa world.
  • Access to the members’ area on the Federation’s website with regular updates on matters of special interest.
  • Publication of members’ contact details on the FCC website.
  • Members have the opportunity to purchase tables at the FCC Cocoa Dinner to invite their guests to an event that is held every three years which brings together over 800 people from the international cocoa community.
  • Qualifying members can apply to join the FCC Superintendents Scheme.
  • Representation of members' interests through the Federation’s active participation in a variety of institutions covering a wide range of issues such as cocoa quality requirements, food safety, child labour practices, sustainability and the concerns expressed by or on behalf of cocoa producers. 


The Federation has established strong links with the chocolate industry with a proactive independent role in many of the major issues that face the cocoa market today.